Introducing ActiGraft

Introducing ActiGraft

The innovative wound care product that uses whole blood clots to heal chronic ulcers.

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Recreating the Natural Wound Healing Environment

ActiGraft transforms a patient’s blood into an autologous clot that promotes the body’s natural wound healing processes.

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Empowering Patients to Heal Themselves

ActiGraft is a more comfortable, more effective, more natural way to treat chronic wounds.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“It’s like a new life. I recommend this to anybody that had a sore like I had for so long.”

– Ellen S., Patient, West Revere Health Center

“My general rule is if I don’t see improvement in a couple of weeks, I change the treatment and that can be a vicious cycle…with this you didn’t have to change the treatment, it healed.”

– Gail W., Director of Nurses, Phillips Manor

“After a week, after the first dressing the wound bed looked beefy red, no drainage, no smell, it looked amazing.”

– Esther O., Unit Manager, West Revere Health Center

“I was impressed with the speed of granulation and the consistent improvement in wound healing week to week with ActiGraft. Another benefit was the significant decrease in pain my patients reported early in their treatments. I will be looking for more patients to switch to ActiGraft in my practice because beyond the results, the support I got from the company went above and beyond.”

– Dr. Claire S., M.D., Melrose Surgical Associates

“I endorse Actigraft as it uses the body’s own healing cascade to help initiate the wound healing process, and has a unique role as a topical dressing in the wound care space.”

– Dr. Bryan Doner, DO, D&P Medical Group

“It is very easy, its only once a week, it shows great results. The wound bed stays healthy, looking moist.”

- Nina Brophy, RN, Bear Hill Rehabilitation


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Helping medical professionals learn more about innovative wound care solutions.

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About Us

We develop revolutionary wound care products that promote the body’s natural healing processes.

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