Recreating the Natural Wound Healing Environment

ActiGraft, based on RedDress’ proprietary patented technology, is a FDA-cleared regenerative wound care solution that enables health care providers to produce—in real time—in vitro blood clots from a patient’s whole blood. Once applied, the blood clot tissue serves as a protective covering, biologic scaffold and wound microenvironment to promote the natural wound healing processes of the body.

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Faster Application

Can be easily prepared at the patient’s bedside in 10 minutes

Cost Effective Treatment

Provides significant savings in nursing costs and simplifies wound treatment

Patient Comfort

Significantly faster healing with less wound interaction and patient pain

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates into current chronic wound treatment practices

Simplified Process

Enables front line staff to easily execute ongoing wound treatment

Natural Healing

Uses the patient’s own blood to promote the body’s natural healing processes

Take the Guessing Out of Wound Management

Standard of Care topical dressings address one or two aspects of a chronic wound bed. The ActiGraft dressing contains the provisional extracellular matrix acting not only as a scaffold, but as a signaling, binding and activating substrate that regulates the crosstalk between fibroblasts, keratinocytes, endothelial cells and key inflammatory cells - the big players in wound healing.

ActiGraft changes the way we treat chronic wounds by managing every stage of the wound healing process and taking the guesswork out of wound treatment.

See How ActiGraft Works

ActiGraft Kit Procedure

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