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Chronic wounds can be painful, uncomfortable, and difficult to treat. ActiGraft is a revolutionary new wound healing solution that promotes the natural wound healing processes of the body. This treatment is more comfortable, more effective, and more affordable.

What is ActiGraft?

ActiGraft is a first-of-its-kind chronic wound treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to create an in vitro blood clot. This blood clot is then applied to the wound, where it promotes the natural wound healing processes of the body.

How does ActiGraft work?

When injured, your skin is capable of repairing itself and healing the wound. This happens through 4 overlapping processes—hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. For these processes to work, it’s essential that blood can get to the site of the wound. However, factors like illness, poor circulation, continued pressure, etc. can prevent blood flow to the wound and hinder the healing process. When this happens, an ulcer may form.

ActiGraft enables health care providers to produce—in real time—in vitro blood clots from the patient’s blood. Applying this blood clot to the site of the wound recreates the natural wound healing environment, and promotes the body’s own healing processes.

What are people saying about ActiGraft?

It’s like a new life. I recommend this to anybody that had a sore like I had for so long.

- Ellen S., Patient, West Revere Health Center

My general rule is if I don’t see improvement in a couple of weeks, I change the treatment and that can be a vicious cycle…with this you didn’t have to change the treatment, it healed.

- Gail W., Director of Nurses, Phillips Manor

After a week, after the first dressing the wound bed looked beefy red, no drainage, no smell, it looked amazing.

- Esther O., Unit Manager, West Revere Health Center

ActiGraft is a highly efficacious product that patients love, it has changed how we treat patients across the care continuum.

- Dr. Bryan Doner, DO, D&P Medical Group

It is very easy, its only once a week, it shows great results. The wound bed stays healthy, looking moist.

- Nina Brophy, RN, Bear Hill Rehabilitation

In my experience ActiGraft delivered fantasic results for my patients. We were able to truly heal some of the most difficult wounds in a remarkable amount of time. It gave us great satisfaction to be able to heal these very chronic non-healing wounds.

- Dr. Naz Wahab, M.D., Wound Care Experts

Is ActiGraft the right treatment for my chronic wounds?

ActiGraft can be used for a wide variety of hard-to-treat chronic wounds, including but not limited to:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Skin tears
  • Mechanically or surgically-debrided wounds

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